Arenco sourcing, we believe in providing strategic supplier chain solutions to you

Arenco Sourcing

Was established in Feb 2020 located, in Panyu district of Guangzhou city close to Chimelong new CBD and Nansha free trade area. A very convenient location to Pearl River Delta cities in Guangdong province and China.

Arenco is the mother company of Arenco Sourcing, which is 100% owned by Inducore Group in Sweden. We can offer various products and also international logistics services to customers all around the world. 

Arenco strategic sourcing was established with the very specific focus to support Inducore, PVI and Anva with strategic buy decisions, allowing our group to focus on their core competences.


No company can produce everything they need themselves but buying decisions are often made haphazardly and on short notice with very poor outcome as a result.



As demand grows internationally for better and more goods and services, competition becomes more fierce. Businesses have to keep up with the rapid pace of technology advancement. At the same time, however, we need to keep costs down, optimize quality and strive to improve customer services along the whole value chain.


Arenco Sourcing seeks to support goods and services to Europe and the rest of the world. Arenco Sourcing will find the most cost-efficient place globally for manufacturing of goods. So the customer is able to source both inside and outside their national borders subsequently making the customer more competitive in their home market and core business.


How can Arenco sourcing provide benefits for you:

  • Find more and better suppliers.
  • Increase your technical capabilities through market penetration.
  • Finding new customers 
  • Cost savings

Sourcing Procedure

Supplier Base

Arenco Sourcing has suppliers all over China. For products and areas were we have suppliers today see table below. 

Arenco Sourcing shares supply chain with our mother company Arenco and industrial group.

  Guangxi Guangdong Fujian Zhejiang Jiangsu Henan Hubei
Aluminum X X     X  
Steel X X   X X   X
Stainless steel   X   X X   X
Casting and forging X     X X   X
Plastic   X X X X    
Electronic (wiring and lamps)   X   X X    
Hardware processing X X X X X   X


At Arenco Sourcing we work with buying decisions in a strategic manner and develop long term relationships with our suppliers.

One way we help to ensure good buying decisions is that we always send requests for quotation to at least 3 of our suppliers to ascertain the best price. The final supplier selection happens in cooperation with the customer, who can visit the supplier for on site audit, to provide utmost transparency from end to end.

We provide this same strategic service to key long-term partners outside our group.

We aim to select the right supplier in China/Southeast Asia enabling us to quickly source a given item and send it to the customer site normally in EU or US with the highest possible quality and zero defects.

We obtain this by being the extended presence of our customers in China, through our footprint in Shanghai and Guangzhou. Our dedicated staff will complete extensive inspection, checking and project follow up to ensure on time and in full delivery every time.