Shrink wrapping machine configuration

Straight belt infeed

Straight belt infeed is used when single products are to be wrapped and the products are fed in a straight line into the machine.

Stacker infeed

Stacker infeed is used when the products are to be stacked in two or more layers before wrapping. A number of other options are available to keep the stack in shape.

Transfer belt

Transfer belt is a small option conveyor suitable to use when heavy products, like soda cans, are wrapped.

Pusher infeed

Pusher infeed is a suitable option when products are to be grouped in one layer, before wrapping. Infeed can be done from left or right side.

Side pusher

Side pusher is suitable when one or more products are to be fed into the machine at the same time.


For round or lightweight products, a number of optional side and top clamps, and followers are available.


Oven belts: Plastic chain, Teflon belt, Roller chain.

Infeed alternatives: Straight belt infeed, Stacker infeed, Pusher infeed, Side pusher, Servo pusher.

Product detection: Fall down detection, Queue controls.

Clamping options: Top clamp, Side clamp, Product follower, Infeed product brake.

Other options: Free rolling outfeed conveyor, Motor driven outfeed conveyor, Outfeed cooling fan, Extended legs, Roller feet.


Pusher infeed

Side pusher for infeed of cardboard boxes.

Stacker infeed with double reels

Double reels for increased productivity. Two packages are wrapped at the same time. In this example, two layers are achieved by means of a stacking unit. A top clamp secures the shape of the package.

Product follower/side clamp

Side clamps secure the shape of the package during wrapping. This is necessary if the products are “non-round” or irregular shaped.

Outfeed with cooling fan

A cooling fan after the oven decreases the cooling-off time. This can be necessary if the package shall be handled manually just after it has left the oven, or if the package shall be handled by a robot.