Mining- and excavator equipment

All the way since 1948, we have been a supplier of parts for mining and rock excavation, therefore by now we have an extremely long experience of manufacturing these complex parts. Our flexibility, high quality and open mindset have built the foundation for this long relationship.

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stone drill

Rapid and precise production changes

This segment consists of many different parts in low volumes (200–1000 pcs/year), to produce this kind of parts in the most cost-efficient way we focus on using smart solutions. In many cases we use 5-axis machines with multi-pallet systems, especially for large complex products to get an optimal production with minimal setup times. For smaller parts we use machines with quick-change pallet systems to ensure rapid and precise production changes. We use machines with big tool magazines to, in many cases, achieve single minute setup times.

Most of these parts are cast steel, both for mining machines and hydraulic hammers but the largest hammers are cast in ductile iron. The size range of the products are from a length of 300 up to 1400 millimeters. To secure the accuracy of these large-scale parts we have one of the biggest coordinate measuring machines in Scandinavia, which offers unique possibilities in terms of making extremely accurate measurements, even for large components up to 3300 millimetres long.

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Inducore manufactures metal products as a subcontractor for, among others, the automotive industry, in CNC controlled machines.

In the area of component manufacturing, Inducore´s operative units offer partial and total solutions for machining and sheet metal working. Operations include cutting, welding, systems assembly, contract manufacturing and logistics solutions.