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The Arenco philosophy is that if we have dedicated people in our organization and if we can have this close collaboration with the customer, both parties can benefit from a huge gain in speed.

Close collaboration

Our competitiveness is based on long experience and strong market positions, through knowledge about our customer’s applications. Altogether, this makes us a reliable partner in production and servicing of machinery.

The way to excellence!

We are thrilled once again to receive the silver award from tetra Pak for our performance as their strategic supplier of complete machines and modules.

We have achieved a 100% on time in full (OTIF) delivery record since 2017 for 2 of our main machines to TP, even higher than the target specified.

This year we are particularly happy about the award since we fought very hard to limit impacts from covid related disruptions to our customers and the award shows that we succeeded in this endeavour.

This acknowledgment from our key customer gives us renewed energy to keep improving.


”Arenco Machinery have once more showed excellence in Quality, Delivery and Commercial during the year 2020 so we are happy to give them the certificate, Silver Supplier 2021”

– Jan Provoost
Vice President, Supplier Management

Speed and dedication

The Axipto philosophy is that if we have dedicated people in our organisation and if we can have this close collaboration with the customer, both parties can benefit from a huge gain in speed. We also work with open books which gives us and the customer strong reliability and trust in each other. The closeness to Epiroc gives them almost an extension to their own factory. Axipto and Epiroc have a long history together, not only thanks to the geographical advantages. 

During many years we have worked together both on smaller and larger projects where Axipto has been a competent partner able to support with capacity in the short to medium term. And through large scale projects with different Epiroc units where Axipto has been a “one stop shop” partner for outsourcing of large volumes of machining.
Since the end of the 1980s the intimate coope- ration with Epiroc in Kalmar has been a success story to help the customer cope with ever chan- ging market demands. Since the beginning of the 2000s Axipto has taken full responsibility for most machined parts used in Epiroc’s underground rock excavation machines produced at the Epiroc plant in Örebro.


”In this project we had a very close collaboration with Axipto and thanks to that it has been possible to get a short project time and a very quick start-up time for all the products.”

– Torsten Kämpfer, Epiroc
Global lead buyer/Category manager​​​​

Preferred supplier

As one of Saab’s preferred suppliers, we have the opportunity to grow together with one of our most demanding and interesting customers.
A close cooperation in everything we do from prototypes, pre-serial deliveries and serial contracts enable us to have reliable forecasting and support in everything we do.
We have worked together with Saab for over 30 years and that makes us confident that we will work together for more than 30 years to come.
We are very proud of the confidence that Saab has given us when we were appointed Supplier of the year 2018 towards one of their business areas.


Motivation Supplier of the year 2018:

”With the entire product lifecycle in mind, the supplier has showed a pro-active mindset in combination with world class skills to support all relevant disciplines within SAAB such as product development, sourcing and supply.
During 2018 they have showed commitment to the business and independent of request they have delivered high quality products in time, enabling SAAB to success- fully deliver their commitments to the end market”

– Åsa Axelsson, Saab
Director Global Sourcing

Evolving productivity

By cultivating our expertise we can continuously develop our processes to improve quality and keep an increasingly high level of productivity. We strive to be involved in an early stage of product development, by which we can give input to the design process to help optimize parts for production. Already at the prototype stage we use our experience to provide input that reduces costs and increases quality.
Scania has been a customer of ours since the early 1980s, through the years we have produced and delivered a vast mix of parts – mainly for chassis and engine.

Thanks to Scania’s openness and dedication to cooperate closely with their suppliers we have since the early 2000s had an intimate cooperation around lean and production system development. By this close cooperation we have improved our productivity and stabilized our processes helping us be able to comply with Scania’s demands for continuous price reductions. 
For the future we focus on strengthening ourselves even further in quality assurance and improving our already strong supplier base through a well-developed and ever-increasing collaboration within Inducore Components where we utilize the combined strength of the whole group.


We keep choosing Axipto thanks to their entrepreneurial spirit and ability to make necessary actions and/or investments for increasing quality and productivity. Axipto also takes a large responsibility for the supply chain by actively mana- ging the tier 2 partners enabling improved delivery performance and quality.” “An important base for our co- operation is an open and clear communication.” – he concludes.

– Tobias Olsson, Scania
Sourcing manager at Scania purchasing

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Inducore manufactures metal products as a subcontractor for, among others, the automotive industry, in CNC controlled machines.

In the area of component manufacturing, Inducore´s operative units offer partial and total solutions for machining and sheet metal working. Operations include cutting, welding, systems assembly, contract manufacturing and logistics solutions.